Do Your Part: Why Buy Coffee From A Nonprofit Coffee Shop

6 May 2022
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If you enjoy making charitable contributions, you're not alone. According to statistics, Americans donated nearly $500 billion to charity in 2020 alone. However, there are other ways to provide funds to charitable organizations. One way is to buy coffee. You might not realize this, but buying coffee for a cause ensures that a portion of your purchase goes directly to charity. That means you can make a charitable contribution doing something that you normally do every day, which is buying a cup of coffee. Read More 

How You Can Benefit From A Food Writer And When You May Need One

7 December 2021
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Whether you are a restaurant owner, are writing a cookbook, or manage a blog where you share recipes, the way you describe food is important to your success. You want to make your food sound tantalizing and delicious to draw in customers, potential buyers of your cookbook, or viewers to your blog. Hiring a food writer is a wise investment in promoting your food-related services. You own a restaurant Getting new customers is vital to a restaurant's success, and one way to draw in those new customers is to make every dish you serve desirable. Read More 

Tips For Buying A Barbecue Smoker

12 August 2021
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This is a special style of food that people enjoy in many different flavors and varieties. Purchasing your own barbecue smoker can help you out when there are some delicious recipes that you'd like to experiment with. The tips in this article will let you know more about smoked food so that you can find and use an amazing barbecue smoker.  What are the benefits of smoked food? In order to know more about barbecue smokers, you should explore the many different facets of food you can enjoy. Read More 

Serving Beer At Your Wedding? Bottles And Cans Vs. Kegs

24 February 2021
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Do you plan to serve beer at your wedding? While beer may not always be a traditional wedding choice, it's the perfect choice for many modern couples. But how should you serve that beer at your reception? Here are a few pros and cons to choosing either cans and bottles or kegs.  The Pros of Serving Cans and Bottles Beer in cans and bottles have a few important advantages. First, you can easily scale up or down the amount of beer served. Read More 

Cheap, Healthy Eating

15 July 2020
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Eating at restaurants or purchasing processed foods can be expensive, and if you consume meals that are sparse in size, you are likely to eat more frequently. If you have a fully equipped kitchen, have some cooking experience, and are looking for ways to reduce your food budget and be provided with comfort meals that are filling and nutritious, you can use the information below. Staples As A Base Rice, pasta, oats, and beans are staples that are each often used as the base of a great meal. Read More